Your Signature Dish Cooking Contest

Do you think your housemaid is a great cook and your family loves her dishes👩🍳👩🍳?

Now here is the opportunity for her to show off her culinary skills and also stand a chance for both of you to win attractive prizes!

Proudly organized by Agensi Pekerjaan Together Sdn Bhd, we welcome and is calling all housemaids within Malaysia for participation‼️

Registration is open from 27th Sep 2021 until 10th Oct 2021 via:

📱 Any inquiries please contact us at:
WhatsApp: (Ms Anis)
WhatsApp: (Ms Jinny)
Call/SMS/WeChat/LINE : 018-2954979 (Anis) / 018-8734979 (Jinny)


Terms and Conditions

  • Organizer & Eligibility

Your Signature Dish Cooking Contest is organized by AGENSI PEKERJAAN TOGETHER SDN BHD (1020101-H) also known as ‘APT’ in the contest and is open to participation for housemaids of all nationalities with valid work permit in Malaysia.

  • Contest Prizes

1st Prize: RM300 Cash + RM200 worth of APT Service Credits

2nd Prize: RM200 Cash + RM100 worth of APT Service Credits

3rd Prize: RM100 Cash + RM50 worth of APT Service Credits

5 x Consolation Prizes: APT Service Credits (3 x Free Oversea Remittance Service)

  • Submission & Qualifying Criteria

To participate in this contest, a video recording of your housemaid performing cooking one (1) of her signature dish is required. Employers are strongly encouraged to accompany the housemaid in the cooking process.

Video shooting must follow all the following steps:

Step 1: Show and introduce all cooking ingredients (In English/Malay);

Step 2: Show and explain all steps of cooking process (In English/Malay);

Step 3: Show plating and decorating process of finished dish; and

Step 4: Briefly explain why this signature dish was being selected OR any meaning behind this dish

  • Contest Registration

Registration period for this cooking contest starts from 27/9/2021 to 10/10/2021 through this registration form

Note: A latest copy of the housemaid’s work permit will be required to be submitted for validity verification through the registration form. All information collected by APT will only be used solely for the purposes related to this contest and strictly kept confidential.

  • Contest Submission

Cooking video submission date starts from 14/10/2021 to 21/10/2021, and is required to be sent to us directly via the following methods:
– WeTransfer/Google Drive: ji***@to********.com or in*****@to********.com
– Telegram: 018-8734979 (Ms Jinny) or 018-2954979 (Ms Anis)

Please note that each participant is only allowed to submit one (1) contesting video, multiple submissions shall render all earlier submitted videos invalid for this contest.

  • Contesting Process

All contesting videos received will be uploaded to APT’s Official YouTube Channel and showcased under the playlist name of ‘YOUR SIGNATURE DISH COOKING CONTEST’, and also made available to public viewing and engagements starting from 25/10/2021 at 1200 hours.

  • Winners Selection

40% shall be based only on the number of video ‘Likes’ accumulated for each contesting

videos on APT Official YouTube Channel on 1/11/2021 at 1200 hours.

60% shall be based on contesting video’s fulfilment of ALL steps mentioned in point 3, and determined by APT’s team of internal judges.

For publicity purpose, all contesting videos will be shared from APT’s Official YouTube channel to Official Facebook Page on , however only ‘Likes’ accumulated for each contesting videos on APT Official YouTube Channel will be accounted for winners selection.

All decision by APT’s team of internal judges will be final and no appeals will be entertained.

  • Announcement of Winners

Contest winners will be officially announced at 5/11/2021 at 1200 hours through APT’s Official Facebook Page on  

  • Redemption of Prizes

Following the official announcement of contest winners, APT will make attempts to get in touch with the prize winners to further communicate on the arrangements of their prize redemption. 

Prize winners are required to photograph themselves along with visual materials in which APT will be sending via mail and send to APT person-in-charge latest by 12/11/2021. Should there be unclaimed prizes or non-fulfilment of the prize redemption arrangements, no prizes or part of prizes will be issued.

APT Service Credits (1st to 3rd Prize) – Only valid for use to off-set fees for services engaged with APT and limited to only maid Work Permit renewals, or maid POEA Contract renewals (if Filipino). 

APT Service Credits (Consolation Prizes) – Only valid for use to off-set fees for services engaged with APT and limited to only 3 x Oversea Remittance Service

None of any non-cash prizes nor parts of any non-cash prizes in this contest is exchangeable for cash.

  • Liability and Responsibility

Participants shall fully remain liable and responsible for any consequences arising from any accidents, injuries or damages resulting from their participation in this contest. 

All costs or expenses incurred from the participation of this contest shall be the solely responsibility of the participants.

  • Rights of Organizer

By participating in this contest, the participants are agreeable to give consent and absolute rights, without limitation of use, to the Organizer to use their names, entries, photographs and their prizes as materials for the purposes of advertising, marketing, trade and/or publicity, without any prior notice. The participants shall not be entitled to claim ownership and/or other forms of compensation for the use of the information and materials by the Organizers.

The Organizer shall reserve all rights to modify, suspend, reschedule and/or terminate this contest at any time without the need to provide any notice or disclose any reason whatsoever.

APT shall undisputedly have absolute ownership of all information, creations, materials gathered from this contest and shall become the property of APT.

  • Personal Data Protection

All participants are agreeable to letting the Organizer of this contest to obtain and use any personal data for the following purposes:

  1. to manage the contest including verifying the identity of participants for registration 
  2. to notify the participant if they won any prizes
  3. to officially announce winner name to the public
  4. for sending of prize to winners 
  5. for publicity, advertising and training purposes

The Organizer can use participant data for administrative purposes. It may also involve the storage, use, disclosure or other processing, or transfer of participant/s personal data. By participating in this contest, the participant consents to the use of personal data for the purposes listed above.

  • Terms & Conditions

By entering this contest, the participants agree to be bound by the Terms & Conditions of the contest and all decisions by the Organizer shall be final and binding. No appeal shall be entertained for any reason whatsoever.

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