Guide to Recruiting a Domestic Helper in Malaysia

It is indisputable that among Malaysian families, foreign maids from Indonesia , Philippines or Vietnam are some of the popular foreign maid nationalities, so be it if you are a first time maid employer or otherwise, here are some tips on how to shortlist a foreign maid.

Based on our experience, to avoid tragic cases such as babies or child being abuse by maids, or maids being sexual abused by home employers, here are a few quick tips you should consider prior to recruiting a domestic helper.

Quick Tips:

Married maids – We are sure most of wives will agree with us, while on the other hand husbands losses their smile. Agency Pekerjaan Together Sdn Bhd recommend married maids and preferably 30 years old and above, since they are more likely to have experience in taking care of their own children and understands parenthood. This should be the priority of home employers when looking for domestic helpers primarily to take care of their young ones. Based on our experience, younger maids are more likely to get themselves into unwanted relationships within the vicinity of their employment, that could decrease their efficiency while discharge their duties.

Communications – In the current age and owing to basic human rights, we don’t really have the power to outright disallow the usage of mobile phones. As a maid employer and human being, we too must understand and have sympathy that they too have loved ones whom they left behind and come to Malaysia just to earn money. We are aware that some maid employers will argue that allowing the usage of mobile phones may affect their quality of work and responsibilities. For that reason, we would suggest letting them use mobile phones only when their are having breaks or within an agreed time with their employer.

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